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            Dedicated to the creation of worship spaces for faith communities.

            What’s New



            Beno?t D. Gilsoul window available for purchase

            Beno?t D. Gilsoul window available for purchase

            ACLS was recently contacted about a salvaged stained glass window that is looking for a new home. The window was designed by famous Belgian artist Beno?t D. Gilsoul and fabricated by Willet-Hauser Studios. The window, which measures 16'-2 1/2" wide at the base and...

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            ACLS Spring 2021 Newsletter

            ACLS Spring 2021 Newsletter

            This issue of “Insites” includes the first of a two-part series on “Liturgy In the Time of the Pandemic” by ACLS member Gilbert Sunghera, SJ, as well as information on upcoming webinars and the Webinar Committee.

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